Improve outcomes.

We give principals and teachers a proven path to transform elementary and middle schools into phenomenal centers of educational excellence.

Partnering for Progress

Back up your commitment to improving education with a proven methodology that puts the power to transform education in the right hands: The principals and teachers you count on every day to deliver it. Create and enhance the trust and support between principals and teachers that results in increased student achievement. Momenta is a call to action for superintendents truly committed to improving schools across their district.  


Our Programs

Momenta’s introductory low-cost packages are offered to schools who have never worked with Momenta before. Teachers and coaches will learn strategies to implement in the classroom immediately, and will receive in-school support to make sure the new strategies take hold in classrooms across grade levels.



Transform K and 1st grade instruction to ensure big and lasting gains in meeting literacy benchmarks.



Introduce protocols for data meetings and make meaningful decisions for personalized learning.



Practical strategies to implement Reciprocal Teaching and Debate in the classroom.



Instructional strategies to improve student skills citing evidence and writing a prose constructed response.


Our impact

Educators embrace Momenta as a pathway to creating a collaborative, performance-driven culture that gives every child what he or she needs to become a confident, articulate, engaged and happy student.

Feel good activities are very nice. They build culture and community but are only a part of a full education. It has to be coupled with a very rigorous academic program that builds literacy skills that then gives them access to the reading materials that they need. We get this with Momenta along with each child gaining the skills of autonomy, self-management, working well with others and accountability.
— Barbara Malkus, Superintendent, North Adams Public Schools

Students love Momenta

Students love Momenta because it makes going to school more exciting, fun and engaging. Every student gains confidence in their own abilities and discovers they have something valuable to say and contribute. Our impact illustrates this.


Jumpstarting Success in Kindergarten



Improving basic reading fluency, particularly in kindergarten, is a powerful way to improve MCAS performance. Kindergartners in Momenta schools improve their reading fluency far more than their counterparts in a national sample. In a nationally representative sample, only 27% of children enter kindergarten with basic alphabetic skills. By the end of kindergarten, only 30% have mastered grade-level reading skills. By 3rd grade, only 34% of children are reading at grade level.

Children enter kindergarten in Momenta schools scoring about the same as their counterparts in the national sample. However, by the end of kindergarten over 50% of Momenta students have mastered grade-level reading skills, and they continue to progress on grade level through 3rd grade.


Best Practices in Partner Schools

Momenta collects and documents some of the the best practices in its partner schools. Explore the video library for more insights.

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