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In May, 2018 the Bay State Reading Institute changed its name to Momenta.

“Our impact is far bigger and broader than the original name suggests,” states co-founder Ed Moscovitch. “We founded BSRI to help schools improve literacy instruction but realized that our model applies across the entire curriculum. As a result, our work changes the very culture of our partner schools.”

Not only does the new name, Momenta, reflect the expansion of the program’s effectiveness beyond literacy, it also captures the excitement, energy and potential of the schools, principals, teachers and students it serves. The timing of the change is not accidental.  Thanks to a recent endorsement by the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy and new funding commitments, Momenta is poised for significant expansion.  The new name and branding will make it easier for us to communicate our value to more schools, principals, teachers and funding partners.

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Momenta in the News

Momenta is Proof


Momenta is proof that every public elementary and middle school can become a phenomenal center of educational excellence that develops each child into an engaged, enthusiastic and confident student.


Students love Momenta

Students love Momenta because it makes going to school more exciting, fun and engaging. Every student gains confidence in their own abilities and discovers they have something valuable to say and contribute.


Teachers embrace Momenta

Teachers embrace Momenta because we understand their concerns and challenges, and support them every step of the way. Momenta provides hands-on professional development and in-school coaching from educators with more than 10 years of classroom and school leadership experience.


Principals embrace Momenta

Principals embrace Momenta’s unique approach because it nurtures a collaborative environment, aligning principals and teachers around a proven methodology:  small group, data informed, differentiated instruction.


Partnership with Momenta Includes

Literacy and Math Consulting

Literacy and mathematics experts support your coaches and teachers onsite through model lessons, classroom walkthroughs, data analysis, and more.

Principal Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides principals with a clear path forward for improving principal and teacher engagement and mutual support. Momenta provides hands-on guidance and support every step of the way, for as long as necessary.

Professional Development Workshops

We provide professional development tailored to the needs of our partner schools, covering the pedagogical approaches that have enabled our partner schools to achieve remarkable results. We also bring nationally known experts to present to our network of schools.

Data Analysis

We support the school in implementing an assessment strategy and data meeting protocol which maximizes the usefulness of student data while minimizing disruption to instructional time, and ensures that teachers develop their own competency in data analysis.

Instructional Rounds

We facilitate instructional rounds with debriefing conversations in your district for principals, coaches and teachers.

Strategic Planning  

Working with your staff, we collaboratively identify best practices in leadership, assessment, and instruction, how well the school performs in each area, and make targeted plans for growth.

Momenta Video Library

The pride of educators and students in what they achieve together is another measure of Momenta’s impact.  Momenta has been collecting and documenting some of the the best practices in our partner schools.


Exemplary Classrooms

Teachers and Principals Talk about their Momenta Experience

Momenta Gets Results

Educators embrace Momenta as a pathway to creating a performance-driven culture that gives every child what he or she needs to become a confident, articulate, engaged and happy student.

Momenta’s greatest strength is its performance with low-income and Limited English Proficient (LEP) students. Across the board, from literacy to math, students are developing critical thinking skills.


Momenta High Implementing Schools vs. Statewide Average, 2012-20144


Momenta's greatest strength is its performance with low-income and LEP students.

Across the board, from literacy to math, students are developing critical thinking skills.



Over the past 4 years, the number of Momenta elementary schools at Level 1 tripled (13% to 36%).

In MA schools with similar enrollment levels of low-income students, the number of Level 1 schools declined from 22% down to 19%

From 2014-2016, schools that partnered with Momenta were more than twice as likely to rise a level.

38,2% of Momenta elementary schools which could rise a level of accountability did, compared to 16.8% of MA elementary schools serving a similar economic population. The number of Momenta schools at Level 3 was cut in half.