Momenta Jump Starts Student Literacy from Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

Momenta recently completed an analysis of reading fluency data which compared almost 4,500 students in 33 Momenta schools in 6 districts, to a sample of thousands of students taking the same fluency assessment test (DIBELS).

Upon entering kindergarten, only 28% of kindergarteners nationally are considered proficient. By springtime benchmark that number goes down slightly to 26%.

At the start of kindergarten, children in Momenta schools score the same as their counterparts across the nation. But, by the end of kindergarten, the number of children at low- to no-risk of reading difficulties has risen to 53%.

At the start of kindergarten, 49% of children across the nation are considered at high risk of reading difficulties. By the spring, the number at high risk has increased to 53%. Because Momenta works in school districts with large populations of high-needs students, 56% of Momenta kindergarteners are at high risk when they enter school in the fall. By the spring, the number at high risk has fallen to 28%.