In May, 2018 the Bay State Reading Institute changed its name to Momenta. “Our impact is far bigger and broader than the original name suggests,” states co-founder Ed Moscovitch. “We founded BSRI to help schools improve literacy instruction but realized that our model applies across the entire curriculum. As a result, our work changes the very culture of our partner schools.”

Not only does the new name, Momenta, reflect the expansion of the program’s effectiveness beyond literacy, it also captures the excitement, energy and potential of the schools, principals, teachers and students it serves. The timing of the change is not accidental. Thanks to a recent endorsement by the Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy and new funding commitments, Momenta is poised for significant expansion. The new name and branding will make it easier for us to communicate our value to more schools, principals, teachers and funding partners.

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What is Momenta?

Momenta partners with elementary schools to improve their outcomes, using a unique combination of research-backed methods and mentoring. Momenta's experienced coaches help schools implement new teaching techniques, increase collaboration, and improve leadership. Momenta doesn’t tell educators what to do; it shows them how.

Since 2005, Momenta has worked with over 100 elementary schools in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In its high-implementing schools literacy and MCAS scores have risen significantly—even those with large populations of low-income and limited-English students. Because students work on assignments “differentiated” to their abilities, they are more engaged and successful, which leads to fewer discipline problems and reduced special-education referrals. The entire culture of the school improves. Teachers, specialists, and administrators regularly collaborate, and students accomplish things previously thought impossible. And compared to most other school-improvement options, Momenta does this at a fraction of the cost.

Momenta's master coaches work with teachers and principals in their buildings, for as long as necessary. They demonstrate new techniques in the classrooms, and offer support and feedback while teachers incorporate these methods. They show how to collect data from quick assessments, then chart progress and match assignments to the abilities of each student. Momenta uses this same mentoring approach to help principals become experts in teaching and leadership, able to continually improve instruction and cooperation on their own.