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Momenta’s introductory low-cost packages are offered to schools who have never worked with Momenta before. Teachers and coaches will learn strategies to implement in the classroom immediately, and will receive in-school support to make sure the new strategies take hold in classrooms across grade levels.

I wanted something that was respectful of students, that listened to teachers voices, and attended to all facets of learning. Momenta was it. We have principal coaches for principals, we have literacy coaches for our own literacy coaches. It’s all been wonderful. The learning is at levels we hadn’t seen before in Taunton. It’s pretty exciting.
— Julie Hackett, Superintendent, Taunton Public Schools

You choose the package that best meets the needs of your faculty and students. All bundles include a 1 day workshop and follow up coaching visits that include model lessons, debriefing sessions with faculty, walkthroughs to support implementation, and in the case of data analysis, support in understanding and presenting the data to facilitate engaging and effective data meetings for grade level teams.


Dynamic Momenta Presenters ensure workshops are engaging and participants receive useful strategies and tools that can be implemented in classrooms immediately. All Momenta coaches bring a wealth of experience working as teachers and leaders in public schools. Our coaching techniques and modeling integrate the many years of experience our coaches have in the classrooms as well as years of working as consultants to schools in Massachusetts.


Response to Text

3 Grade levels, includes 1 day of PD and 6 days of coaching: $7,600

6 Grade levels, includes 1 day of PD and 12 days of coaching: $13,600


Teachers will come away with resources and strategies to help students include evidence in a written response to text. Through the use of two-column notes, and annotating text with close reading practices, students build the skills necessary to write evidence based answers to text based questions. The 1-day workshop enables teachers to analyze Short Response questions to support classroom instruction. Teachers will be provided with tools and strategies to help students analyze questions and prepare a thoughtful evidence based response. We will also score work collectively and build a schedule for administration of short response prompts and time for grade level teams to score student writing together. Six follow-up in-school coaching days will include modeling, lesson observation and support to implement a schedule for student practice. Momenta coaches will work with grade level teams and instructional coaches to score student writing, calibrate rating student work and develop a rubric that teachers and students can use to improve their writing over time.


  • Strategies for helping students respond to Short Response prompts

  • Examples of reading passages and questions for students to practice

  • Analyze questions using close reading as defined by the CCSS

  • Practice using two column notes to plan and organize writing

In my classroom the majority of students are from low income families and the majority speak a language other than English at home. But it doesn’t matter to me if they are in fifth grade.  If they can read a 10th grade level article, then that’s what they are doing.  If they can respond to a topic as complex as genetic modification, then there is no reason that doesn’t belong in a 5th grade classroom.

I think this is living proof that when children are engaged, the expectations are high, and you continue to push them, there really is nothing they can’t do.
— Stefanie West, 5th grade teacher at Lincoln School, Revere 

Data Analysis

3 Grade levels, includes 1 day of PD and 6 days of coaching: $7,600

6 Grade levels, includes 1 day of PD and 12 days of coaching: $13,600

I used to have 40% of my students on grade level. Now if I have 96% at grade level at the end of the year, I’m mad because it’s not 100%. Momenta has completely changed our use of data and our thinking.
— Kristen Reidy, 1st grade teacher at Salemwood School, Malden

A hallmark of effective schools is a faculty engaged in constructive conversations about what they can do to support every student. A collaborative team of educators and leaders who know how to analyze benchmark and progress monitoring data is essential to that process. Over the last 10 years Momenta has streamlined an approach to data meetings that helps leaders and teachers work together to analyze the reading comprehension and fluency of students so that every student is supported at their level. We can help you make better use of the assessment tools in place in your district, help you identify appropriate assessments and give you objective advice on commercially available tools you may be considering. One day of professional development will cover how and when to convene data meetings with grade level teams, preparation protocols and facilitation. Three days of in-school coaching will focus on preparing and analyzing the data, prepare charts for the data meetings, and identifying grade level strengths and needs. The Momenta coach will also model and facilitate three data meetings at the beginning, middle and end of the year.


  • Leaders and teachers working collaboratively to analyze data

  • Engaged teachers and leaders who effectively understand and use assessment data to provide personalized learning opportunities

  • Improved educational outcomes

  • Clearly defined groups of students with similar needs

  • Data meeting scripts, forms for recording student assessment data, and protocols for grouping students based on need


Deep Comprehension

3 Grade levels, includes 1 day of PD and 6 days of coaching: $7,600

6 Grade levels, includes 1 day of PD and 12 days of coaching: $13,600

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Now my students are researching to find support for their opinions and using great vocabulary words to explain it. They get to talk to each other, they are collaborating together, and they are reading together. It is very structured and always engaging…
— Gillian Sousa, 5th grade teacher, Lafayette School, Everett  

Deep Comprehension introduces teachers and leaders to Reciprocal Teaching and Debate in a 1-day workshop. Teachers and coaches will leave this training able to immediately implement strategies and materials to enhance their students’ analysis of text and ability to ask powerful questions. Six days of follow up coaching includes model lessons, lesson observation and support for differentiation and integration of content area material. Momenta consultants will introduce teachers to strategies that engage all students in reading and analyzing text.


  • Develop understanding of the four components of Reciprocal Teaching

  • Build strategies and get tools for implementation

  • Identify a routine for integrating debate into your regular schedule

  • Develop a repertoire of strategies that support students to engage in thought text analysis and developing high-level questions

  • Sample lesson plans, templates for reciprocal teaching groups, note taking, websites for debate topics and resources