The Momenta Strategic Planning Tool helps principals and faculty identify best practices in leadership, assessment, and instruction and how well the school performs in each area. This process enables schools to make targeted plans for growth, and manage the ways Momenta coaches can be most effective in supporting the school. For many schools the strategic plan that emerges becomes the foundation for their school improvement process.



“The ability to adjust your instruction based upon data is not something that you learn in undergraduate school. That’s where Momenta’s coaches come in with experience and know-how.”


Assistant Superintendent, Beverly

Momenta coaches help principals develop a pathway to achieving educational performance by creating greater trust and a collaborative, supportive, and non-judgmental culture between you and your teachers. Through their work together, principals also become adept at interpreting and analyzing multiple sources of student data and leading effective data meetings that support student and teacher growth.



Momenta recognizes that teachers want every child in their classroom to succeed. Our small-group differentiated instruction allows you to provide children with exactly what they need to feel challenged and excited by their own learning and thinking abilities. Momenta’s flexible methodology allows teachers to shape the program around their class and student needs. Teachers will discover that Momenta empowers them to develop surprisingly mature cognitive and thought-processing skills in all students of all learning levels and abilities.



“Momenta helps shift the principal from being a manager to an educational leader. They get the principal into the classroom on a regular basis to see how the implementation is happening. That is a huge benefit to the school and the relationship between the principal and the teachers.”


Superintendent, Fitchburg

We work with schools to maximize the usefulness of student data while minimizing the disruption to instructional time. We train and support the school in implementing a data meeting protocol which ensures that teachers use data to identify how each child can be advanced and how to adjust their instruction accordingly. The Momenta data meeting protocol keeps the focus on the students and never uses data as a metric for blame.


During the last 10 years we have perfected some pedagogical approaches that enable schools to achieve remarkable results. We have consolidated our learning into several Momenta PD workshops which we can provide within the school or district, followed by classroom modeling and coaching support. In addition, we partner with nationally known experts to provide professional development tailored to the needs of our partner schools.

Partnership Outcomes


Momenta gives principals and teachers a proven path for transforming elementary schools into phenomenal centers of educational excellence that develop each child into an engaged, enthusiastic and confident student. Momenta’s unique approach nurtures a collaborative environment by aligning principals and teachers around a proven methodology: small group, data informed, differentiated instruction. Momenta works! Student achievement in schools that partner with Momenta improves substantially faster than in comparable schools.

In Momenta schools, students:

  • Are confident self-directed and collaborative learners

  • Ask questions, value evidence, and continually develop content knowledge

  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively in speaking and writing, adapting their communication to their audience, task and purpose

  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

  • Are engaged, open-minded and discerning learners

  • Actively seek to understand and collaborate with other students

In Momenta schools, teachers:

  • Have very high expectations for student performance

  • Work collaboratively to make sure every child excels

  • Believe in the students’ capacity for rigorous learning and know what that looks like.

  • Infuse every student interaction with a growth mindset

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