The Momenta Strategic Planning Tool helps principals and faculty identify best practices in leadership, assessment, and instruction and how well the school performs in each area. This process enables schools to make targeted plans for growth, and manage the ways Momenta coaches can be most effective in supporting the school. For many schools the strategic plan that emerges becomes the foundation for their school improvement process.

  • Complete a rubric focused on three critical areas of Assessment, Instruction and Leadership

  • Identify the strengths and needs within your school on all three critical areas

  • Make a strategic plan to build on your strengths and address your biggest needs



Momenta coaches help principals develop a pathway to achieving educational performance by creating greater trust and a collaborative, supportive, and non-judgmental culture between you and your teachers. Through their work together, principals also become adept at interpreting and analyzing multiple sources of student data and leading effective data meetings that support student and teacher growth.

  • Support for principal to facilitate grade level data meetings

  • Provide Scripts for data meetings three times a year: Beginning, middle and end

  • Classroom walkthroughs focused on instruction

  • Coach the principal on having difficult conversations with faculty members demonstrating a need to make progress


Momenta recognizes that teachers want every child in their classroom to succeed. Our small-group differentiated instruction allows you to provide children with exactly what they need to feel challenged and excited by their own learning and thinking abilities. Momenta’s flexible methodology allows teachers to shape the program around their class and student needs. Teachers will discover that Momenta empowers them to develop surprisingly mature cognitive and thought-processing skills in all students of all learning levels and abilities.

  • Model lessons in all grade levels K – 8

  • Develop plans to integrate all instructional materials

  • Make a cohesive and coherent assessment plan for literacy or mathematics

  • Professional development for all grade levels

    • Literacy PD: Early Literacy Skills, Small group differentiated instruction, Reciprocal Teaching & Debate, Response to Text, Data Driven Decision Making.

    • Math PD


We work with schools to maximize the usefulness of student data while minimizing the disruption to instructional time. We train and support the school in implementing a data meeting protocol which ensures that teachers use data to identify how each child can be advanced and how to adjust their instruction accordingly. The Momenta data meeting protocol keeps the focus on the students and never uses data as a metric for blame.

  • Scripts for Data Meetings three times per year: Beginning, Middle and End

  • Protocols for grouping students based on instructional need and student performance

  • Set goals for grade levels, classrooms and individual students

  • Create a cohesive assessment plan that includes Benchmark


During the last 10 years we have perfected some pedagogical approaches that enable schools to achieve remarkable results. We have consolidated our learning into several Momenta PD workshops which we can provide within the school or district, followed by classroom modeling and coaching support. In addition, we partner with nationally known experts to provide professional development tailored to the needs of our partner schools.



Back up your commitment to improving education with a proven methodology that puts the power to transform education in the right hands: The principals and teachers you count on every day to deliver it. Create and enhance the trust and support between principals and teachers that results in increased student achievement. Momenta is a call to action for superintendents truly committed to improving schools across their district.


Momenta coaches work with the principal, teacher leaders, instructional coaches and district staff to develop a pathway to improving student learning by creating a trusting, collaborative, supportive, and non-judgmental culture in your building. The plan prioritizes the areas of focus, identifies the professional development teachers want and need, the measures of progress, needed curricular resources, and a realistic timeline. Successful schools use the plan to help teachers identify grade level goals as well as individual goals.



We provide professional development workshops and a summer academy, as well as job embedded PD for teachers, principals and instructional coaches. Throughout the year, our coaches work closely with the principal and building-based instructional coach to support implementation of PD in the classrooms. We train and support the school in a data meeting protocol that results in using data for identifying opportunities for improvement at the individual student level and benchmarking student and teacher performance. We will provide hands-on guidance and support for every step of the way for as long as necessary to ensures implementation success.


Noticing and building on teachers’ strengths and listening to what teachers say are the best ways to promote and sustain change. Momenta coaches have been in your shoes – every coach has at least 10 years of classroom and school leadership experience. The team of Momenta consultants and school leadership engages in frequent classroom walkthroughs, modeling of lessons and leadership conversations which inform a process of modifications to the plan and its implementation. This results in a cycle of continual improvement.


At the end of the year, the school leadership team, Momenta coaches and teachers at each grade level reflect on accomplishments achieved throughout the year. These structured conversations lead to updated goals for the following year along with a revised implementation plan and identification of needed teacher support.

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